Servogear Ecoflow Propulsor™

Servogear Ecoflow Propulsor™ is a unique controllable pitch propeller system for high speed workboats, fast ferries, offshore vessels and yachts. The concept offers an optimal combination of speed, bollard pull, manoeuvrability and fuel efficiency.
Through continuous theoretical and practical research since 1973, we have developed an increasingly efficient system, which today runs successfully on a large number of vessels worldwide.
We achieve groundbreaking results through our all-inclusive approach. Our propeller tunnel allows for larger propeller diameter with no increase of shaft angle and draught. Propeller rpm is reduced, as well as the surface pressure on the propeller blades, and the water flow entering the propeller is optimised. Together with other detail improvements, this provides the best possible working conditions - resulting in a smooth and efficient propeller thrust.

A more even loaded propeller gives a slimmer and lighter design, which means less weight and drag as well as higher efficiency. We calculate and design our propeller tunnels based on full utilisation of the flow below the hull, ensuring optimum interaction between hull and propulsor. Efficient propulsion means lower fuel consumption, more economic operation and less pollution. Servogear EcoFlow Propulsor™ combines its efficiency with a high level of comfort.

Servogear Ecoflow Propulsor™ covers an engine range of 300 to 4000 kW and speed up to 50 knots.

Eco    - for improved economy and ecology
Flow  - for water flow optimisation in our propeller tunnel

Feathering position

The Servogear Ecoflow Propulsion System have feathering position capabilities. This feature can be used by sailing vessels to minimize resistance and speed loss while sailing - or by multi-screw motor vessels for special operational conditions. 
Servogear Controllable Pitch Propeller with feathering position
For more information, please see our brochure about the Servogear Ecoflow Propulsor™

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