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Privacy Policy

When using our webpage, we will automatically collect, store and use information regarding how you use our page. What we collect and how the information is handled is something you will learn more about in this document. Here you will be updated on what your rights are according to the Act of personal information § 18 og 19 (or “Personopplysningsloven” in Norwegian).



CEO Torleif Stokke is head responsible for the data collection taking place in the business. On a daily basis the contact person regarding this subject is Peter Tubaas (peter|AT|, +47 91 70 55 31). Questions related to the collection of information related to the home page can be directed to that phone number or email.



Servogear collect and store information through the technology of acknowledged service providers. This is to ensure the highest level of information and cyber security when dealing with your data. Servogear’s provider of IT services is  iDrift (, phone +47 53 47 22 00) while supplier of web services is the digital agency Arego (, phone +47 56 12 60 00).


What are personal information?

Personal information is data that directly or indirectly is connected to a certain person. Data will automatically acquired by the underlaying IT system of the homepage, in order to optimize the user experience.


For how long will the information be stored?

The personal information collected as mentioned above will be stored as long as it is necessary to provide the service you demand from us, unless you remove your permission for us to store it. The information you have entered yourself in a web based form related to quotation will be deleted as soon as it is no longer necessary to provide you any services related to this subject.


Data collection

Our systems collect and manage personal information both automatically and when you enter information in our systems manually. The servers where the information is stored at, belongs to our supplier of IT services, as mentioned above.


Automatic data collection through cookies

A cookie is a text file that when you visit or interact with a webpage will be stored in your browser's memory. The purpose of cookies is to remember previous user settings and provide a more personalized user experience or obtain statistics that give insight into user behaviour, in order to optimize the user experience for the website. The statistics are stored in Google Analytics, but it will not be able to identify the user. The collected data shows how you entered this page, such as via search or an external link, how you navigated in the website's underlying structure, whether you visited it from a PC or mobile page and how long time you spent on the various pages.


Manual data collection through forms

Via this link website visitors can manually enter personal and technical information in order to receive a quotation for a specific project. The information you share in this form will be stored in a backend system, enabling us to provide the service you requested. Via the search box in the upper right corner we register your searches on our external pages. The web searches will be stored in the backend system ensuring that we will be able to share even more relevant content on the webpage.


Sharing personal information with third party

Servogear will not share personal information with others, unless there are a legal decision allowing such an action. We can only obtain such rights by acquiring permission from you or as a result of a statutory requirement.


Your rights related to personal information

You may at any time require insight to the data we have registered about you or that you have registered with us. You also have the right to ask us to correct or delete the information. To make use of these rights, please contact the responsible person for this site, as stated above.




A cookie is a text file that is stored in your browse’s memory after visits or interactions with a website. The purpose is to remember previous user settings, provide a more personalized user experience, or obtain statistics that provide insight of user behaviour so that the website can be optimized.


This website use cookies, but does not collect data that identifies you or which could violate your privacy. You can use almost all content on our website without entering your data. When and to what extent we register and process personal information when using our website, are described as following:



  • Google Analytics

The website use Google Analytics as an analytics tool, where the information is stored on one of Google's servers. The information is subject to Google's Privacy Policy. The website use the 'anonymizeIp' function to anonymize the visitor's IP address to not identify the individual user.


  • Form submission

If you wish to use our contact form, or other forms on the website, collected data will only be used by us and only to the extent necessary to run customer service.


  • Log Files

Like most other websites, we use log files. Information in the log files includes IP addresses, browser, ISP, time, referring pages, etc. This information is not personally identifiable.


  • Search

If search is available on the website, we will save information about what keywords users use in the search tool. The purpose with storing those is to make the information opportunities better. Only search terms are stored and they can’t be linked to other user information, such as IP address.


  • YouTube

We use YouTube to show videos. YouTube stores cookies, such as personal settings and information about bandwidth. This, like Google Analytics, is also subject to Google Privacy Policy.


  • Google AdWords

If we use Google AdWords for a period of time, and track actions as a result of an ad click, Google will collect information to customize ads for users based on interests and past site usage. This targeting contributes to more relevant marketing for you as a user. According to Google's privacy policy, it does not collect or use information that can be used to identify people.