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Working at Servogear

Today we are 50 employees working from our headquarter and production facilities located at Bømlo in Norway. Additionally we have service partners and representatives working from all around the world.

We have always put great importance on job satisfaction, and we are very proud of our loyal and innovating staff. 


Our welfare club

Servogear has a welfare club that offers multiple subsidies and organizes different social events for our employees. For instance, we have a cycling club, several traditions like summer party, "Lutefisk-lag", "Smalahove-lag" and an annual Christmas dinner. We also have a company cabin at Sauda, annual financial support for exercising as well as other welfare benefits. 


Apprentice at Servogear

As a certified training company, we offer apprenticeships for industrial mechanics. If you are looking for an apprenticeships within these fields, please contacts us directly or through BOK (Bømlo Opplæringskontor).

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A career in Servogear?


Are you ready for new challenges?

We are always looking for talented people who can help develop Servogear.

Career in Servogear

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If you are interested in working for us, please submit an open application or apply to our available positions. 


Open Application

Please send us an open application, and we will keep you in our system!