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Camera inspection safeguards your gearbox


Servogear provides visual inspection of your gearbox with an advanced, high definition camera. For the customer this means potentially more operating time by saving time and money.


Information about the condition of critical components in the gearbox, such as bearings, will enable ship operator to replace worn parts before they cause a critical failure.
With the new camera inspection service, Servogear can help customers to avoid costly repairs and having to take the vessel out of operation unexpectedly.
Camera inspection is service made easy. A service engineer will only have to open the inspection hatch to use the 4 mm camera to inspect bearings, hoses and other important parts.
Imagery of the parts will be saved in Servogear database. The customer will receive a final detailed inspection report, including recommended actions, if necessary. 
Servogear recommends routine camera inspections, based on the operational profile of the vessel.
Please contact us if you would like to see what a camera inspection service report might look like.
If you have any questions we are happy to answer them by email: or phone +47 53 42 39 50.