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Delivery of MS Årøy to Boreal Transport


Oma Båtbyggeri has delivered their new built, MS Årøy, to Boreal Transport Nord AS. The 33 m top modern catamaran takes 70 passengers in the salon, and 10-12 cars or a semi-trailer on deck. The vessel is equipped with Servogear Ecoflow PropulsorTM, and has a top speed of 25 knots. This follows in a long line of deliveries from Servogear to Oma Båtbyggeri through close co-operation between local suppliers for decades.

MS Årøy will operate in Altafjorden in Finnmark, Norway, from January 1st 2016. This vessel combines passenger comfort with good load capacity, said Kjetil Førsvoll, Chairman of Boreal Transport Nord AS.

Today, 12 of 14 fast ferries in Boreal Transport’s fleet are fitted with controllable pitch propeller systems from Servogear.

Boreal Transport’s vessels with Servogear Ecoflow PropulsorTM: MS Renøy, MS Kobbøy, MS Rypøy, MS Mårøy, MS Falkefjell, MS Fløyfjell, MS Sollifjell, MS Kistefjell, MS Helgeland, MS Thorold Kveldursøn, MS Hanøy, MS Årøy