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FILM: An energy efficient cruise in Tom Cruise’s wake


Rødne’s new fast ferry, the ´Rygerdronningen´ carry tourists to and from the famous Pulpit Rock with a propulsion system provided by Servogear.


We went for a boat ride with ‘Rygerdronningen’ to the Pulpit Rock, recently famous for being a spectacular location in Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible 6. Owner is the experienced fast ferry operator Rødne, based in Stavanger, Norway.


- The Servogear system performs well, and to have such a large boat, the fuel consumption is very low, captain Rune Trondsen says.


- The first months of operation has been good. There have been a whole lot of people travelling with us, and the feedback have been great. The tourists like the boat and they love the view. They are very pleased with little noise and how comfortable the journey is.


- It is very important to have a silent propulsion system. The tourists expect to hear animal sounds and the wind blowing. They don´t want to hear engine sound, the captain explains.


Take part in the journey - watch our movie: 



Low weight and environmentally friendly

‘Rygerdronningen’ was built in carbon fibre by the Brødrene Aa shipyard and delivered in May 2018. Servogear has provided gear, propellers, propeller shaft and rudder and have delivered equipment to Rødne’s vessels since the early eighties .


- First of all the tourists are impressed with the nature, which is what we deliver, in combination with a good looking vessel, that performs well when it comes to viewing, noise, environment and costs, the CEO of Rødne, Lars André Rødne says.


- The efficiency and the flexible manoueverability in Servogear’s system is very important to us. With controllable pitch propellers you can adjust everything more accurately, he says.


Market leading green solutions

The environment is important to Rødne, that are operating vessel in many of Norway’s most beautiful and vulnerable areas. That is why they have been renewing their fleet by investing in new and more environmentally friendly vessels. They are a demanding customer, that knows very well what they want from their suppliers.


- Like us in Servogear, Rødne want to reduce emissions and cut costs. We are happy that we can contribute to that. Rødne and other customers that are placing the bar high for us, make us more focused, and enable us to develop marked leading green solutions, CEO Torleif Stokke of Servogear says.


His counterpart appreciate the fact that they have easy access to experts and spare parts from Bømlo, only a few hours from Stavanger with boat or car.  


- It is important to us that Servogear is a local company with short response times. If a situation occurs, we can always count on Servogear to be there, Lars André Rødne says.