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Kalle is retiring - 42 years after he first started at Servogear


It has been 42 years since Servogear’s employee number one was hired, and today he had his last day at the office before entering his well-deserved retirement.


Karl Ådnanes (Kalle) has been a highly valuable resource and an irreplaceable colleague to everyone who has ever worked at Servogear. Kalle’s talent, impressive knowledge, good humor, as well as his kind and inclusive personality has had great significance for the development of Servogear and the good working environment we are so proud of.


When Servogear turned 25 years back in 1998, Kalle was interviewed for our anniversary magazine which you can read below. Enjoy!



Karl the first

What makes a newly-married and newly established car mechanic break away from a nice job in Sandnes to risk everything with an unproven business back in his home area?

“I have always had a yearning for the sea and the waterborne life – and propellers had something to do with that. Leif Magnus Endresen’s plans caught my interest, so I contacted him”

“The mid-1970s were a growth period for Norway, so there wasn’t so great a risk. I was never afraid of being without work” says Karl Ådnanes.


Servogear’s first workshop was built in Brubakken when Ådnanes was taken on in mid-October 1975. The premises needed more than just a lick of paint – all the production equipment, machinery and workbenches had to be installed.


Great confidence

“There were very few of us working there, so we had to learn how to work in a systematic way. Likewise, there was an awful lot of overtime and shift work needed to get everything turning around. Endresen worked double shifts in the beginning, and how he managed it I still don’t know to this day”


All the workers had to move between the various production jobs, such as assembly work and going into the grinding shed. There were big and heavy operations Ådnanes remembers well, such as when he had to surface coat more than 20 gearboxes at the same time. Needs of efficiency also meant that they had to work on 10 gearboxes simultaneously. HSD didn’t provide door to door transport at that time: everything had to be carried from Brubakken to the quayside at Rubbestadneset in Endresen’s hanger behind his old Ford Taunus.


“It was frantic when we had to get everything ready for the departure of the old “Bremnes” ship at eleven o’clock in the evening” remembers Ådnanes.

He especially remembers how new people got their training. “Here are the drawings, and there are the parts. Do the best you can, and see what you can manage!” Endresen had no time to worry about details, but his enormous trust in his workers was very impressive all the same, Karl believes.


Ebb and tide

When Karl had been with the company for two years, he was affected by the recession in 1979 and 1980. At that time, only three days’ work per week were possible. “I especially remember when we entered the high-speed boat market. Endresen and Dale went to Mandal for HSD’s testing of the new “Vøringen”, the first large high speed passenger boat with CP Propellers. There was a lot of noise and little speed. But Leif Magnus discovered that the reason was an input error in the propeller blade design, and persuaded HSD that a new designed propeller was the answer.

“The rest is history” chuckles Ådnanes.


The job Karl remembers best was near Manila in the Philippines. “They had built a boat, the “Supercat” in a mud pit. Installation of the propeller blades had to be done between high and low tide, and then they had to dig a channel a couple of hundred meters into the current. In two nights, they managed to move the boat about two lengths. We had to carry on with the installation with seawater up to our armpits.


Good working environment

He took a break from Servogear and worked for Stordbase nearly four years between 1987 and 1991, before coming back to Brubakken. During this period, he was hired by his old company, especially for service jobs and overseas travel.


“I have always enjoyed my time with Servogear, and the working atmosphere is very good. There are interesting things to do, and the whole time I have been kept up to date with what goes on throughout the company” “We have always had a steady management, and experienced a revolution in technological developments” says a satisfied and loyal employee.



From all of us; thank you for all the great years together at Servogear. You will be missed by both colleagues and customers.


Enjoy your retirement to the fullest, and make sure to come by the office for an occasionally chat.  


Warm regards,

All your colleagues at Servogear