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Meet our new sales manager: Propelled by people


Our new sales manager, Svein Helge Natterøy, gets his energy from working with people.


Natterøy is a machine engineer by profession, but has a heart that beats strongly for sales. As of 1 February he will be operational in his new Servogear position and are ready to travel the world with market leading propulsion technology in his suitcase. He is targeting designers, builders and owners of fast moving vessels, such as fast ferries, workboats, yachts, offshore and light cruise vessels.


- I really look forward to get started. I am familiar with Servogear and its products, projects and people. Now I am ready to meet the customers, both existing and potential new ones. When I spend time with customers, that is when I charge my batteries. I get energy from working with people, he says as the true salesman he is.


Svein-Helge has got 27 years of experience from working with propeller and propulsion technology in Wärtsilä, and he recently spent nearly 12 years with power generation and control systems at Blueday Technologies. Both companies are located near the Servogear headquarters at Bømlo, Norway.


- When I learned that the three core values of Servogear were trust, engagement and competence, I immediately felt at home. I can fully comply with the three pillars of our business, and I know that if we all manage to live up to them, we are likely to succeed in a tough international market, Svein Helge Natterøy explains. 


CEO Torleif Stokke is confident that Servogear found the right guy to team up with Martijn Bemelen in the sales department and highly welcomes his old Wärtsilä collegue in the premises at Brubakken.


- We are very happy to get Svein Helge on board, and I am pretty sure we found a salesperson that can further develop our sales and marketing efforts and strengthen relations with our many customers world-wide, and off course, establish new connections, Stokke says.