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MS Loppøy's first test run


MS Loppøy (BN 275) had its first test run at Norwegian carbon experts Brødrene Aa yesterday, and will soon be operating for Boreal Transport in Norway. The 24m passenger catamaran is similar to Barents Nord’s MS Nefelin, also with Servogear Ecoflow Propulsor.

This is a very nice vessel. It is a bit smaller than the vessel it will be replacing, MS Renøy. However, it is also lighter, cheaper to operate and more modern then MS Renøy. MS Løppøy is a better fit for Loppa then Renøy, said Steinar Mathiesen, Chairman at Boreal to Altaposten.

Despite having less horsepower, MS Loppøy will keep a normal cruising speed of 26 knots. It is also quieter than the vessel it is replacing. 

The catamaran is equipped with a complete Servogear Ecoflow Propulsor system, including a  HD220 gearbox, controllable pitch propellers, effect rudder, shaft bracket and the design of the propeller tunnel for optimum water flow to the propellers. 

In the end of 2015, its sister vessel MS Melkøy (BN 282), will be completed at Brødrene Aa as well.