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Realization of the Urban Water Shuttle concept


The Urban Water Shuttle concept has been granted government funds for the realization of a pilot vessel.


The Urban Water Shuttle is a green passenger ferry, developed by a joint industrial partnership from the business cluster NCE Maritime CleanTech: Wärtsilä, Fjellstrand, Servogear AS, Grenland Energy, CFD Marine, Sapa and Hydro.


The vessel will be built in low weight and sustainable materials like aluminum and powered by the latest battery technology. 

- The project objectives are reduced urban conjunction, reduced emissions and reduced city infrastructure costs. The Urban Water Shuttle will be launched in cities with coastline located close to water and waterways. The concept is therefore relevant for cities all over the world. The project fits new international goals for zero emission and reduction of harmful greenhouse gases perfectly, says Hege Økland, CEO at NCE Maritime CleanTech.


Picture: Per Arne Moldøen (Wärtsilä), Hege Økland (NCE MCT) and Torleif Stokke (Servogear)

Picture: Per Arne Moldøen (Wärtsilä), Hege Økland (NCE MCT) and Torleif Stokke (Servogear)


Servogear is ready with a new energy-efficient propulsion system

- Finally, this project is ready for lift off, says Torleif Stokke, CEO at Servogear.

- We've been working along with the other project members to come to this stage, and thanks to the new Pilot-E program the project is now being realized. As we are exporting most of our production, we have met businesses in big cities world-wide that really could benefit from the Urban Water Shuttle concept.