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Servogear provide energy efficient propulsion system to the fully electric «Legacy of The Fjords»


Servogear has once again won a propulsion contract for an environmentally friendly vessel that will be owned by The Fjords. The light weight carbon fibre vessel from Brødrene Aa will operate with zero emissions and low noise in the Oslo fjord, near the Norwegian capital.  


The contract with shipbuilder Brødrene Aa in Norway was signed in Q4 2018. The delivery will consist of controllable pitch propellers, shaft brackets, effect rudders, propeller tunnels and gearboxes. «Legacy of The Fjords» will be powered entirely by batteries and will travel with low noise and zero emissions. 


- Servogear look forward to provide “Legacy of The Fjords” with an energy efficient propulsion system. The contract confirms that we have technology enabling a greener maritime industry. We are grateful that we got the chance to deliver to the predecessor «Future of The Fjords» and see the contract on the next emission-free vessel as yet another vote of confidence from the shipowner The Fjords and the shipyard Brødrene Aa, CEO of Servogear, Torleif Stokke, says.


- I hope that this agreement confirms that the customers are satisfied with the performance of our propulsion technology and with the co-operation we have throughout previous projects. We are eager to get started with manufacturing the equipment for «Legacy of The Fjords» because we urgently need to launch more environmentally friendly boats, Stokke says.


A complex installation

The delivery will be more or less identical to the system provided for the previous electric cruise vessel ordered by The Fjords. The installation is planned for spring 2019 at Brødrene Aa. The shipyard is world famous for its carbon fibre vessels.


- Our experiences with Servogear is very good. We have been working closely with them for nearly 40 years. Even though this vessel is not supposed to travel at more than 20 knots, Servogear’s long history of deliveries to fast speed vessels are important to us. This is a complex installation, with tough requirements in terms of performance versus electric effect, Tor Øyvin Aa, CEO of Brødrene Aa says.


Tor Øyvin Aa thinks that it will be a great experience for the citizens and tourists of the Norwegian capital Oslo to travel with a vessel without engine noise and low noise propellers.


- The noise level needs to be as low as possible. We are pleased that we have lived up to the requirements of the ship owner on «Future of The Fjords.» When the propellers are the last source of noise, the design need to be as optimized as possible. We look forward to achieve the same results with Servogear on the «Legacy of The Fjords», Aa states.


People want greener vessels

When «Legacy of The Fjords» enters operation in the Oslo fjord next year, it will become the third launch in a series of environmentally friendly vessels from The Fjords. The predecessors, the hybrid «Vision of The Fjords» and the electric CFuture of The Fjords» both won the «Future of The Fjords» Ship of the Year award from renowned Norwegian shipping editorial Skipsrevyen. Both are operating on the UNESCO protected Nærøyfjord in Norway, carrying tourists between the ports of Flåm and Gudvangen. Currently «Vision of The Fjords» is temporarily re-located to Oslo, offering Christmas cruises from the city center to the small village Drøbak.


- We are proud to bring our emission-free cruise concept to Oslo, where even more people can enjoy travelling with these green vessels. The success with «Vision of The Fjords» this autumn show that the citizens of Oslo also want to travel environmentally friendly, with low emissions and less noise, in vessels with spectacular design, the CEO of The Fjords, Rolf Sandvik, says.


Westcon Power and Automation will once again provide the power system on board, and The Fjords was in no doubt that they again wanted to combine it with the propulsion system from Servogear.


- When we awarded Brødrene Aa the contract on «Future of The Fjords» we had only one name on our maker’s list, and that was Servogear. We chose Servogear because of operational reliability and economy. They contributed when we made improvements in the driveline of the previous vessel, and we are very pleased with the performance of their propulsion system. With Servogear propeller system and gearboxes we need less energy to move the vessel, extending the reach of the batteries, Sandvik says.