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South Boats Launches South Cat 22m Iceni Venture


South Boats IOW, UK’s manufacturer of wind farm service vessels (WFSV), has launched its first of class South Cat 22m named Iceni Venture for Iceni Marine Services Ltd.

The all new South Cat 22m has benefited from the extensive testing programme carried out to understand the benefits and limitations to various hull forms and how they perform differently specifically as offshore wind farm crew transfer vessels.

Iceni Venture measures 23.1m LOA, has a beam of 8m and an operational displacement of circa. 68 tonnes. The vessel is equipped with a complete Servogear Ecoflow Propulsor™ system, and has a sprint speed at 30 knots. 

“We are delighted to launch this first of class of vessel to Iceni Marine Services, who have a long standing relationship with South Boats IOW and our co-operation over eight CTV’s has assisted the development of the South Catamaran product range,’’ said Ben Colman, South Boats IOW.

This vessel is contracted to significant O&M contract but will be available for inspection at Seawork 2015.

Source: SouthBoatsIOW