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Successful sea trials for Vahap Özaltay


Özata Shipyard reports of successful sea trial for Vahap Özaltay, June 2016.


This is the 11th vessel of 15 vessels in the CarbCAT® 39-series built by Özata Shipyard.

All vessels are equipped with Servogear controllable pitch propeller system. 


  • Vessel Type: Catamaran (Pax: 426)
  • Shipyard: Özata Shipyard
  • Yard Number: 38
  • Main Engine: 2 x Baudouin 12M26.2
  • Engine Power (kW): 2 x 736
  • Length (m): 39
  • Speed (knots): 20
  • Gearbox: Servogear HD295 (H-gear configuration)
  • Propeller Diameter (mm): 1500
  • Classification: DNV