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Effect Rudder

Our effect rudder is a part of our Controllable Pitch Propeller (CPP) system, and is designed as an airfoil, providing a lift in the water flow, which again produces a forward thrust. This results in a minimum drag on the rudder.


Key features +


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Key features

  • One piece casting – slim design

  • Asymmetric airfoil wingdesign

  • Twisting reduces rotational losses

  • Stainless steel or nickel aluminium bronze castings

The arrangement of the effect rudder and propeller cone is designed to gain some of the loss of rotational energy in the slip stream. The inclined water flow from the propeller generates a pressure and a suction side on the rudder blade. The seal between the rudder and the propeller cone forces the pressure balance to work in opposite direction of the rotating water flow from the propeller. This reduces the loss of rotational energy.

Most of Servogear effect rudders are made of high tensile stainless steel castings to reduce the blade thickness to a minimum, and they are also designed with progressive strength.

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The Components

Servogear deliver complete solutions, tailor made for each vessel. Learn more about the components which together forms the Servogear Ecoflow PropulsorTM:


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