Queen Star II

Grafisk 2 - RGB - Surface-1

General Specifications

Vessel Name: Queen Star II

Vessel Type: Fast Ferries

Pax: 445

Shipyard: Damen Shipyard

Yard Number: 538604

Main Engine: 2 x MTU 16V 4000 M63L

Engine Power (kW): 2 x 2240

Length (m): 40

Speed (knots): 34

Grafisk 2 - RGB - Surface-1

Controllable Pitch Propeller Data

Year Delivered: 2012

Gearbox: ZF9350NRU

Propeller Diameter (mm): 1750

Classification: BV

More information

The 40m high-speed catamaran Queen Star 2 is sailing a three-hour route commencing from Usuyoung Port to the popular tourist destination of Jeju Island via Chujado Island. This is the first delivery of the newly designed DFFe 4010 with Controllable Pitch Propellers (CPP) from Servogear, which allows the vessel to have a higher top speed and increased fuel efficiency at different speeds and loading conditions.


The delivery of Queen Star 2 from Damen to Seaworld Express Ferry Co.Ltd took place in late August 2015.


Although slightly smaller than the DFFe 4212, the DFFe 4010 can accommodate to the same amount of 450 maximum passengers and with two engines instead of four; the vessel can still reach a top speed of 35 knots. “This is a unique delivery with the first DFFe 4010 going into operation which is expected to be a successful model for the future,” according to Damen Sales Manager Michiel Hendrikx.