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Propulsion efficiency beyond belief

Depending on the type of operations, workboats have highly variable propulsion requirements. Servogear controllable pitch propeller system, the Servogear Ecoflow Propulsor™ has all the necessary properties needed for most fast multi-purpose workboats: high speed, superb towing capability, excellent manoeuvrability and superior vessel control in adverse weather conditions.

Our unique propeller tunnel reduces the draught and gives the propeller better protection against floating debris.


Wind turbine landing mode

A tailor made control system for wind farm service vessels has been developed in cooperation with Brunvoll Mar-El (formerly named Scana Mar-El), to ensure optimum interaction between the propulsion system and engine.

By the press of a button, the wind turbine-landing mode takes full advantage of the extreme manoeuvring abilities of the CPP, giving you pinpoint manoeuvring accuracy when approaching and making first contact with the wind turbine.

When safe mode is activated, full bollard thrust is achieved within seconds without overloading the engines, allowing safer transfer of personnel and goods.

In addition, our engine overload protection is proven to prolong engine life and time between overhauls.

Download guide:  How to Run a Performance Review on Your Vessel

Selected workboat references

Servogear Ecoflow PropulsorTM is a unique controllable pitch propeller (CPP) system for high-speed workboats, fast ferries, offshore vessels and yachts.

The concept offers an optimal combination of speed, bollard pull, manoevrability and fuel efficiency. We deliver complete solutions, tailor made for each vessel.

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RS Halfdan Grieg
Halfdan Grieg
Skrunda - Servogear Ref
CWind Sword
CWind Sword with Servogear Ecoflow Propulsor
Iceni Venture
Iceni Venture - Servogear Ref